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“Life’s Been Swell…” Now SOLD OUT!

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Thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy of this compilation, and for all of the bands involved!

As the final package ships out, the doors to Strabismus Tapes close.

I want to thank everyone who has supported the label – whether it be by checking out a release or being an artist that we were lucky enough to have worked with. Specifically I would like to thank the following:

RJ Myato, Franck from a-m#2 & Elias from Sleep Of Ages, Nikita Fear Konstruktor, Matt/Justin/Rafael of We Were Skeletons, Icons, Dust Cult, The Raytownian(s), R.S.P., Regosphere, Zul Anwar, Clive Henry, Rab’ha, and Demian from Dead Format reviews!

We still have copies of both the a-m#2/Sleep Of Ages Split and Fear Konstruktor’s “Return To Reason” – both of which have dropped down to $3! Anything that is not sold by February 6th will forever collect dust!

THANK YOU ALL, and for now, GOODBYE!

V/A – Life’s Been Swell, Now I Want To Die…

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S-T006 / V/A – Life’s Been Swell, Now I Want To Die… / Edition of 25

(Click image for more pictures)

A tribute to Dystopia, features seven tracks ranging from harsh noise and power electronics to cut ups & experimental tracks.

Songs are dubbed onto single-sided black C-30s.

Package includes: Tape & J card.


  1. Rab’ha – Father’s Gun (Unloaded) [4:42]
  2. Dust Cult – Hands That Mold [4:53]
  3. Clive Henry – Backstabber [6:06]
  4. Regosphere – Jarhead Fertilizer [3:16]
  5. RSP – Diary Of A Battered Child [4:16]
  6. The Raytownian(s) – They Live [2:52]
  7. North Oakland FTW (unlisted track) [3:16]

   units left: SOLD OUT

First View of artwork & tracklisting

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I just posted some of the artwork I have been working on, as well as the final tracklisting for the Dystopia compilation on my personal blog – check it out here.